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Australia Skilled immigration and its benefits

If you clear the skills assessment you can file your Expression of Interest [EOI] for Australia immigration and once the Australia Embassy verifies your application it will send a letter of invitation which is a green signal to apply for Australia Skilled immigration. Australia work visa has many benefits such as:

Permanent residency in Australia: If you receive a work visa under the skilled independent 189 visa, then it comes with a permanent residency which means you can live and work in Australia with freedom. You are considered equivalent to the Australia residents and you will get all the benefits of an Australian resident.

Highly paid salaries: Australia offers interesting remuneration to the skilled immigrants. You will earn in dollars. You will enjoy living in Australia with a great lifestyle.

Children education: Australian government provides free education to the kids of Australian residents. The education level is high in Australia than most of the developed countries.

Medical benefits: Australia provides many health benefits to the residents of the country. For example life and accident insurance policies.

Australian citizenship: If you are living in Australia under the skilled immigration visa for four continuous years, then you are eligible for applying for Australian citizenship.

Who can assist you with your visa application?

Immigration is not as simple as it looks. It’s quite tricky and involves a lot of policies and immigration’s laws. You will need a professional help to get your visa approved. Approved and experienced immigration consultants can assist you with your work visa application. Kansas Overseas visa consultant in India with a track record of successful visa applications. They will assess your skills and help you with your visa application from start-to-finish.

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  1. browse the skilled occupations list of Australia to settle there depending upon your skill & eligibility criteria.

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