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Australia PR visa process and steps involved in it

Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world that is seeking applications from potential migrants to live and work in the country. You can migrate to Australia under various PR visa options. If you are a skilled potential worker and have relevant education and experience that is required in the country can migrate to Australia and work in the skilled occupations. If you manage to get the permanent residency in Australia then you can enjoy many benefits of the PR visa.

Applicants under Australia Permanent Residency Visa can enjoy the following benefits:

  • An applicant with permanent residence status can travel internally whenever required and return to Australia
  • You can enjoy equal benefits equal to Australian local residents apart from applying for govt. jobs and voting in the elections
  • However, you can apply for government jobs and vote in elections on receiving Australian citizenship
  • You can enjoy the multicultural environment and high lifestyle
  • You will have the opportunity to apply for high salaried jobs
  • You and your family will be given free medical insurance
  • Your children[if any] will have access to top schools providing high level of education

Australia PR Visa to migrate to Australia on a permanent resident visa

If you want to apply for Australia PR work visa then you can apply for following work visas, i.e. skilled independent visa or subclass 189 and skilled nomination visa or subclass 190. To apply for these visa categories, you need to clear the eligibility criteria set by the Australian immigration department. To apply for Australia PR visa, you need to go through following steps:

  • Skills assessment
  • Expression of Interest
  • Invitation to apply for the visa

Skills assessment is based on a points system and your application will be assessed based on factors such as age, experience, language proficiency, education. You should submit all genuine documents and certificates for your qualification and experience. IELTS is mandatory to show your English language proficiency. Whether you apply for 189 visa or 190 visa, you need to score min 60 or more points in the skills assessment. When you qualify in the skills assessment, you can file your Expression of Interest for the PR visa. If Australia immigration department finds you as a potential applicant and value in the economic growth of the country then you will be sent an Invitation to apply for Australia PR visa. On receiving an ITA, you can proceed further with your PR visa file submission.

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