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Australia PR visa agents in Chennai

Australia is considered as one of the top most choice for immigration when compared to other aspiring countries. Australia provides many benefits to the applicants of Australia permanent residency visa such as:

  • High standard of living
  • Great lifestyle
  • Strong economy
  • Geographical attractions
  • Free medical benefits
  • High-quality education for children
  • Highly paid jobs
  • Scenic landscaping

With all the above benefits of permanent residency visa, Australia becomes the number one choice for immigration. People from all over the world prefer to migrate to Australia over other countries for a better lifestyle. If you are planning to migrate to Australia to live and work in the country on a permanent basis then start your PR visa process today. First you have to clear your skills assessment and then your application will be picked through express entry pool and you will be sent an invitation to apply for the PR visa. On receiving the ITA visa approval, you need to apply for PR visa within 90 days to enjoy the benefits of Australia permanent residency.

You can claim the following benefits on receiving your Australian PR visa:

  • If you are holding the Australian PR visa that means you can live and work in Australia for an indefinite period and you can also travel to and from Australia. Initially, the visa is granted for 5 years but then after that you can apply again from within the country or from outside.
  • On receiving Australia permanent residency visa, you will get the freedom of pursuing unlimited education. You can choose from your preferred education programs and you will also have access to education loans which are only available for PR visa holders.
  • With Australian work permit, you will have great employment opportunities offering highly paid salaries. With PR visa, you can work in any of the skilled occupations. However, you can apply for Govt. jobs or armed forces, only Australian citizens can apply for it.
  • You will be entitled for Australian health insurance scheme called Medicare run by the government through which you can receive free medical treatments.
  • When you become the permanent resident of Australia, you can sponsor your relatives to apply for the PR visa but for this you need to meet certain PR residency requirements.
  • Children born in Australia are called as Australian citizens by default.
  • An Australian permanent resident can apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years of continues stay in Australia.

There are many other benefits that you can claim when you are living in the country under Australian PR visa. If you want to apply for Australian PR visa and enjoy the benefits then get in touch with Australian PR visa consultants. Consult Kansas overseas careers, they are one of the top Australia PR visa agents in Chennai, Hyderabad, Vizag, Mumbai and Pune. Contact Kansas today for more information.

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