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Australia permanent residency with exemptions of age, skills or language requirement

The immigration policy of Australia is strict when it comes to eligibility requirements of the applicants for permanent residency. It is mandatory that applicants meet the requisites such as age, education, experience, language proficiency, and health and character certificate. However, an applicant can get an exemption on factors such as age, language requirements and skills, if applying under the Permanent Employer Sponsored Program.

Details about the exemptions

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (subclass 186 visa) – Under this visa category, the approved employers of Australia can sponsor the skilled workers to apply for permanent residency. It can also sponsor the Australia permanent resident subclass 187. Employer Nomination Scheme Visa, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme has three streams through which the skilled workers can apply for the Permanent residency such as:

  • Temporary Residence Stream
  • Direct Entry Stream
  • Agreement Stream

When you apply for Australia PR visa under a temporary residency visa or direct entry stream, you can get the exemptions of age, English language and skills. And these exemptions are based on applicant’s salary, nominated occupation, duration of employment and the stream through which he or she are applying for the ENS or RSMS.

If you are applying through labor agreement stream through Labour Agreement, you can get concession on the following terms.

Age exemption

Any applicant applying for permanent residency should be less than 45 years of age when applying under the Direct Entry Scheme and should be less than 50 years of age when applying under Temporary Residence Stream, but you can get an exemption even if you don’t meet the age requirements if you are nominated as:

  • A senior academic who is nominated by the Australian university. For example, if you are a scientist, technical specialist or a researcher.
  • A medical practitioner who has lived and worked in Australia for four years in the nominated skilled occupation under the subclass 457 visa category.
  • An applicant who has been working four years for the employer who nominated him/her under the subclass 457 and are applying for temporary residence stream.

 Skills exemption

If you are an applicant holding 457 visa and are planning to apply for temporary residence stream, you can get skills exemption as you would have already met the skills requirement at the time of your nomination from your employer. This exemption of skills is only applicable to candidates who are applying for direct entry scheme through ENS or RSMS. For more information on skills exemption contact your nearest Australia visa consultants.

Exemption from English Language requirement

For Australia permanent residence, it is mandatory that an applicant is proficient in English language. However, you can get an English language exemption, if you are applying for temporary residence stream and must have 5 years full-time course from a higher or secondary education institute and your medium of course was English.

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