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Australia Permanent Residency Visa for Skilled Professionals

The GSM Scheme is an immigration scheme featuring a range of Australia PR visa programs. By applying for a permanent resident visa of Australia through any of the programs that make a part of the General Skilled Migration scheme, a skilled worker can become a permanent resident of Australia. Following are the major & most successful visa programs along with the basic eligibility requirement:

Skilled Independent Visa program (subclass 189)- Candidates who want to apply based on skills can do so by the means of this visa. He/she must possess at least a Bachelor’s qualification & min, 3 yrs relevant experience in any occupation listed on the Skilled Occupation List.

Skilled Nominated Visa program (subclass 190)- Candidates who have a chance of being nominated by a specific Australian state can apply for this visa. He/she must have a Bachelor’s degree with min 3 yrs relevant work experience, nominated occupation from the Australia SOL & a State Sponsorship.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)-  Candidates who have skills to meet requirement/demand of a specific regional area of Australia can apply for PR by the means of this visa. He/she must be a graduate with 3 yrs of relevant experience along with the nominated occupation. The candidate must be sponsored relative residing (as PR or Australian citizen) in the specific region of Australia or nominated by State/Territory government. The government offers PR visa holders long term stay & work rights and permit to bring along family. Education in Australia for immigrant children is provided for free. Similarly, the entire family gets free healthcare and the chance to become citizens in the future.

Australia Permanent Residency for Students

When it comes to students, Australia has its arms all open in welcome. Besides offering flexible Australia study visa options, students in Australia take up a career of their interest and remain forever in the country as permanent residents by obtaining a PR status post education. There are two ways by which students can become Australian permanent residents-

Apply for Direct Permanent Residency– While pursuing, some colleges allow students to look for jobs in Australia and earn while studying. Such students gain Australian education & Australia work experience simultaneously. This helps them in applying for PR based on their skills & experience.

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476)- This is a temporary resident visa program specifically for Engineering graduates. Students who have completed their engineering from recognized Universities can apply for this visa and stay and work in Australia for a period of 18 months.In future, they can apply for PR visa through any of the programs of General Migrant Scheme.
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  1. Acquire pr in Australia. All you do is to check your occupation in the new sol list of australia 2018 & a few steps about your experience for that field & their requirement.

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