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Are you planning to apply for Canada study visa?

Canada is regarded as the most significant countries that provide high-quality international education to the students who wish to study in the country. To get an admission into the topmost universities in Canada, the students must apply for Canada Study Visa predominantly.

Let’s understand the minimum eligibility requirements, visa processing time and required documents to get Canada Study Visa in the topmost universities.

Visa processing time for Canada Study Visa:

CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) assesses the processing time as the duration taken to select a candidate’s Canada Study Visa application submitted to them. Usually, it is calculated from the day when the CIC receives the application to the last day of their decision. Therefore, it is difficult to mention a certain time as visa processing time or state any particular day to get the Canada Study Visa. However, with the use of processing time tool on a weekly basis, the visa offices publish the time taken to process 80% of the submitted application requests. Hence, the applicants can find out their application status using a MyCIC account. Even, the candidates can make the payments through this account.

Basic eligibility criteria and required documents for obtaining Canada Study Visa:

  • You must apply on the CIC website online for obtaining Canada Study Visa before you arrive in Canada.
  • You must require an acceptance letter from a reputed learning establishment for application submission process to get the study permit.
  • You must make sure that you possess the adequate cash to pay your tuition fee during the 1st year of your course, bear the expenses, and have an arrival conveyance to reach his/her own country of origin.
  • Make sure that you obtain a Quebec Acceptance Certificate if you wish to pursue your study in Montreal or in any place in the Province of Quebec.
  • You must make sure that you have no criminal record as the applicants with a criminal record may not be accepted to get a study permit.
  • Make sure that you provide evidence associated to your physical fitness and show entire therapeutic inspection reports if needed.

Additionally, you should include the following documents for acquiring the Canada Study Visa.

  • You must include your passport and your family members’ passport in your Canada Study Visa application.
  • You must include your two passport photocopies and each of your family members with their complete names and date of birthday details mentioned back of the application form.
  • You must include your marriage certificate Copy and other documents needed to send at visa offices.

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