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Apply for OINP through express entry visa program

Ontario is one of the most populated provinces of Canada and it actively participates in Canada Express Entry Program to invite immigrants to live and work in the province. Canada express entry program is the most important drive that is conducted by the country throughout the year to provide permanent residency to applicants from all over the world. The government of Canada has provided the opportunity to Canadian provinces to participate in the express entry visa program as they lack skilled workers all over the country.

Ontario PNP

Ontario PNP or the Ontario Nomination Program has two set of streams for which the applicants who are interested to live and work in Ontario will need to apply.

Express entry visa scheme for OINP

  • French-speaking skilled workers program
  • Human speaking skilled workers program

What is French-speaking skilled workers program?

French-speaking skilled workers who are proficient in the English language as well can apply under this scheme. To become eligible for this category you should have good command over the English language, should have skilled work experience and also have sufficient funds to survive in Ontario until you are employed in Ontario. Ontario PNP has a benefit that is, you have the good chances of getting an employment offer as your profile will be viewed by many employers in Ontario. Once your profile is selected through Ontario PNP, you will be sent an invitation to apply for the permanent residency and you need to apply within 45 days from the receipt of the invitation.

What is human speaking skilled workers program?

If your application gets through human speaking skilled workers program and has scored 400 or more points in the CRS assessment, then Ontario picks your profile and sends you an invitation to apply for the permanent residence. Your eligibility depends upon the following factors including language skills, sufficient funds, minimum bachelors or master’s degree.

Ontario PNP through Canada express entry program is unique and is highly transparent. The selection procedure is open and clear. No hidden tricks.

Canada PR visa consultants

Whether you want to apply for Canada PR or Ontario PNP schemes through express entry visa program, get in touch with your local Canada PR visa consultants.Kansas overseas careers is one of the best Canada PR visa consultants. If you want to receive Canada PR visa at the earliest possible, start your procedure with Kansas Overseas Careers. They have processed many successful Canada PR visa applications. Get in touch with them for more information.

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