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Apply for Canada Express Entry visa to enjoy the PR

If you are a skilled worker with minimum one year of professional experience then you can apply for Canada permanent residency through Express Entry Program. Canada has a huge demand for skilled workers in the country and looks for skilled immigrants who can live and work in Canada and contribute to its economic growth. To fulfill the skills gap, Canada has introduced Canada Express Entry Visa program to invite skilled workers to Canada. There are many benefits of express entry visa not only to the applicant but also for the country itself.

Benefits of express entry Visa

  • Application and visa processing time is less
  • Permanent residency visa received in less time than normal
  • Applications remain in the pool for 12 months
  • Receives invitation to apply for the PR visa in less time
  • Can reapply for express entry after 12 months if your profile is still eligible

Advantages of Canada permanent residency

  • Permits you to live and work in Canada
  • Free education for your children
  • High-quality education provided
  • Free health benefits for self and family
  • High salaried jobs
  • High standard of living
  • Later you can apply for Canadian citizenship

Eligibility requirements for Canada express entry visa

If are a working professional with minimum one year of experience in the skilled occupation that has demand in Canada, then you can apply for Canada PR work visa through express entry program. Your application is assessed based on your age, work experience, educational qualification and language skills. The highest scoring application falls in the express entry pool and applications are picked from there through a draw system. If your application is selected, you will be sent an invitation to apply for Canada PR and then you can proceed with your PR visa application. To find out more details about Canada express entry visa, contact the Canada visa consultants near you.

Canada visa consultants

If you want to apply for Canada PR and want to find out whether your profile is eligible or not, it is recommended to consult experienced Canada visa consultants. They can guide and assist you throughout your visa process. Consult Kansas Overseas Careers, your local Canada visa consultants. They have helped many applicants with their visa procedure. Kansas overseas careers provides initial assessment to check whether you can proceed further with your PR application. If you are eligible, they will explain you the step-by-step procedure in detail and also inform you about the documents that are required for the process. The visa counsellors at Kansas are fully trained and qualified and are up-to-date with the immigration policies and changes in the rules. For details, contact them today.

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