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Apply for Australia PR Visa with immigration consultants

Australian PR visa is one of the most popular permanent residency visas across the world and the percentage of Indians migrating to Australia on PR visa is also increasing every year. The immigration system of Australia is well organized including the high rate of employment, great lifestyle, attractive inhabitable cities; excellent infrastructure is attracting immigrants from different parts of the world to live, work and stay in Australia on a permanent basis.

Immigration to Australia under skilled PR visa is based on a points system and if you are planning to apply for Australia PR then here are few steps prepare your PR visa application.

Check whether your experience matches the occupations listed in PR visa

Australia releases skilled occupation list every year which contains the list of occupations that are lacking skilled workers in the country. You need to check whether your experience and skills is similar to the suitable occupation in demand.

Get your IELTS cleared

IELTS is mandatory for the Australian skills assessment and every applicant who wish to apply for the Australian PR need to pass the IELTS to prove his or her proficiency in English language. You’re IELTS score should be 6 or more in each band.

Choose a visa category that is relevant to your profile

Australia has designed a unique migration system known as General Skilled Migration System (GSM) which has main categories of skilled work visa. They are skilled independent visa or subclass 189 or skilled nomination visa or subclass 190. You can choose the visa option based on your profile. If you choose to apply for skilled independent visa, them your skills and experience should match any of the relevant occupations listed in the SOL. If you choose to apply for skilled nomination visa, then you should obtain a state or provincial territory nomination form Australia.

Apply for skills assessment

On receiving your IELTS score, you need to apply for skills assessment where your profile will be assessed based on few factors such as age, education, experience and language skills. You need to score minimum 60 points or above for skilled visa eligibility.

If you score 60 or above in the skills assessment, your application will be picked by immigration department and you will be sent a letter of Invitation to apply for Australia PR visa. It is based on the merit list. On receiving the ITA, you can file your Australia PR visa application.

If you need advice and assistance in processing your Australia PR visa application, then contact the trusted immigration consultants near you. Consult Kansas Overseas Careers for a free initial assessment to check for visa skilled visa category your profile is eligible for. Get in touch with Kansas to have a smooth immigration to Australia.

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