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Apply for Australia PR from India with the help of immigration consultants

With one of the most prominent financial systems and infrastructure, Australia is a country that offers best healthcare facilities, excellent job opportunities and education system. Australia encourages immigrants from all over the world to come and work for the country. With a wide range of visa options for the skilled workers such as skilled independent visa, skilled nominated visa and much more that offers Australia PR, it has made the immigration process smooth and transparent. An applicant residing in Australia under the PR status can enjoy equal rights and benefits to that of a local Australian resident. Applicants from different parts of the world can apply for Australia PR and enjoy the benefits if they are eligible for the visa and fulfill the requirements of the PR application.

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Apply for Australia PR

Whether you are a citizen of India or any other country in the world, if you have the skills and experience that is relevant to the skilled occupation List of Australia, then you can apply for Australia PR. Australia has many skilled visa programs out which skilled independent visa and skilled nominated visa are the two most popular visa categories under which a huge number of immigrants fly to Australia every year. Assessment for skilled independent visa or subclass 189 and skilled nominated visa or subclass 190 is based on a points system in which the applicant must be able to score 60 or above. Your application will be assessed based on your age, experience, education and language skills. If you want to apply for Australia PR, then you also need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • A character certificate to prove that you do not have any criminal background and you will not be a threat to Australia
  • A health certificate that you are perfectly fit both mentally and physically
  • IELTS to show your proficiency in the English language and good communication skills
  • If applying for Australia PR under a skilled independent visa, then your profession should match with the occupations listed in the SOL.
  • If applying for Australia PR under a skilled nominated visa, then you should be nominated from a state or territory in Australia.

No matter whether you are applying for Australia PR under the skilled independent visa, skilled nominated visa or any other visa category, once you get your permanent residency approval, you will have the following advantages.

  • Ample job opportunities with high pay
  • Great lifestyle and living culture
  • Free education for your children
  • Free medical insurance for you and your family
  • Australian citizenship after 4 years of continuous stay in Australia

So, if you wish to apply for Australia PR, then get help from Kansas Overseas immigration Consultants. The experienced and qualified consultants at Kansas will evaluate your profile against various Australia PR visas and for whichever category your profile is eligible for, they will guide and offer professional support throughout your process.

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