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All you need to know about Denmark Green Card

Denmark is that nation of the Northern Europe well known for its sociability and a very pleasant work environment. For those who wish to move to Denmark; work and live there, learning about the Danish Green card Scheme shall be the primary task. The Denmark Green card also known as the Danish Green card serves you as a pathway to Denmark.

What is Danish Green card scheme?

The Danish Green card scheme is nothing but a 3 year accommodation permit for people who plan for immigration to Denmark along with their family. The Danish Green card scheme is interlinked with Denmark’s point based immigration system as the applicant is eligible for the Green card only after he undergoes an evaluation process under the points system. In order to achieve the Green Card, it is mandatory for a person to have a minimum score of 100 points under the point based system.

How are the points evaluated?

A person’s eligibility to proceed with the Denmark immigration process is considered taking into account his age, education, language skills and work experience. Following are the basic criteria required for evaluation:

  • Person under 40 only can earn points for their age.
  • Applicant should hold a master’s degree along with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicant should have an unmatchable fluency in English language.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to have a work experience of minimum 1 year in the respective occupation he is applying for.

Other than these aspects, having the following will help him earn bonus points:

  • If the applicant holds any degree (PhD, Masters or Bachelor) from any of the world’s top universities.
  • If the applicant’s educational qualification satisfies the sectors in which Denmark is facing a dearth of workforce.
  • If the applicant is fluent in any other foreign language.
  • If the applicant has studied or worked in EU/EEA/Switzerland.

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