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A Guide To Understanding The Top 5 Canada Visa Rejection Reasons

Are you looking to work, study or immigrate to Canada? Then you need to submit a set of carefully prepared documents to be considered for a visa.

Not everyone who applies gets approved. Some of the reasons for rejections are submitting incomplete documentation or not having enough money to settle in Canada.

Read on to discover the 5 most common Canada visa rejection reasons and how to prevent them.

Top 5 Canada Visa Rejection Reasons

Below are details on the top reasons why your Canada visa application might get denied.

  1. Incomplete or Fraudulent Documentation

One of the top reasons why a visa gets rejected is due to incomplete documentation or misrepresentation of information.

If you submit documents with false information about you, you will be immediately disqualified from obtaining a visa. Many people do this to increase their chances of entry, but this is actually illegal.

You may also get rejected because your documentation is poorly prepared or you’re missing important papers.

  1. Ineligibility

A large chunk of the Canada visa rejection rate is a result of ineligible applicants who don’t meet the immigration requirements.

Your application is in the hands of an immigration officer who makes the final visa decisions.

This is why it’s essential to do thorough research and gather all the necessary information about migrating to Canada before you apply.

  1. Incomplete Letter of Invitation

If you have relatives or friends who live in Canada, they can send you a letter of invitation.

This document serves as a guarantee for you and has to list the address of your residence, the person who will support you during your stay, and the date of your return.

Some of the main Canadian student visa rejection reasons are insufficient funds or failing to provide a clear intent of leaving the country after the program completion.

  1. Insufficient Funds

One of the top 5 reasons for a visa rejection is not having enough funds in your account name to settle in Canada.

Aside from the fees needed for the application process, you’ll also have to pay for plane tickets, accommodation, transportation, and other living expenses when you get to your destination.

You need to have big savings in order to prove you can take care of yourself in Canada. This means you won’t be a financial burden to the country.

If you don’t have enough funds, your application may be rejected.

  1. Medical Inadmissibility

At one point in your visa application process, you’ll be asked to do a medical exam.

This serves as proof that you’re in good health and will not require special medical attention, expensive treatments, medications, or social assistance from the country.

Some applicants suffering from mental illnesses may also get denied if their condition is considered to endanger public health and safety.

Now You Know the Main Reasons for a Canadian Visa Rejection

Some of the most common Canada visa rejection reasons include incomplete documentation, ineligibility, and insufficient proof of intent to leave.

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